Eastern France Regional Post-mining Unit (UTAM East)

Introductory paragraph

The BRGM’s Regional Post-Mining Unit for Eastern France (UTAM-Est), based at Freyming-Merlebach (Moselle), covers the Alsace, Franche-Comté and Lorraine regions.


The iron-mining basin extends for some 120 km, encompassing the Briey-Longwy-Thionville basin to the north (1300 km2) and the Nancy basin to the south (380 km2).

The coal basin, located between the towns of Villing, Faulquemont and Schoeneck, extends for 30 km and covers 160 km².

The salt-mining basin encompasses the abandoned Dieuze-Sarralbe basin and the Nancy basin, which is still operating (220 km²).

The oil-bearing brownfield sites around Pechelbronn extend for 27 km and cover 120 km².

The potassium basin extends for 27 km to the north-west of Mulhouse and covers 200 km².

Safety engineering work

  • Safety work on adjacent housing
  • Infilling or closing off galleries (e.g. at Chavigny)
  • Location and treatment of mineshafts (e.g. at Chevignon)
  • Consolidation of mine dumps (e.g. leak-proofing at MDPA site)
  • Setting up levelling networks or micro-seismic measurement stations

Surveillance of mine workings

Mine surveillance and risk prevention facilities and equipment

  • Ore and tailings dumps (3)
  • Built structures (14, including 5 by telemetry)
  • Cavities (inspections from below or with sampling probes, extensometers or inclinometers, salinity inspections).
  • Retention stations for petroleum effluent (14)
  • Mine gas release points (83)
  • Levelling networks (82)
  • Mine gas capture and compression stations (3)
  • Visible pitheads (36)
  • Micro-seismic surveillance (27 zones)
  • Mine gas pipelines (27 km)

Hydraulic safety facilities

  • Dykes (Rosbruck)
  • Mine water outflows (5 stations)
  • Drawdown wells (1 completed, 15 planned)
  • Piezometers (52, including 8 wells)
  • Pumping stations (4, including 2 planned)
  • Pumping stations (5)
  • Water treatment stations (3, including 2 planned)

Hydraulic safety facility

  • Treatment residue dumps (6)
  • Depollution wells (55)
  • Piezometers (275)
  • Levelling networks (8)
  • Polluted soils (Marienau Triangle)
  • Acid mine drainage to the Rhine

Management and conservation of technical archives

Management and conservation of intermediate technical archives.

Contributions to mining intelligence

Information is delivered for the concessions whose archives have been transferred to the DPSM (mainly Charbonnages de France).

This activity is to be extended to other concessions.

Repairing mining damage

  • Expert assessments of mining damage in France and Germany
  • Repair works

Practical Information

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