Centre-West Regional Post-mining Unit (UTAM Centre West)

Introductory paragraph

The Centre-West Regional Post-mining Unit, based in Orléans (Loiret département), covers the Auvergne, Burgundy, Brittany, Centre, Ile-de-France, Limousin, Lower Normandy, Upper Normandy, Pays de la Loire and Poitou-Charentes regions.


The Centre-West Regional Post-mining Unit covers more than 200 000 km2 encompassing 10 French regions, where over a thousand mining titles have been issued.

The Unit conducts surveillance and safety work in the region’s numerous and widely scattered abandoned mines.  These include coal mines, mainly in Burgundy and Auvergne, as well as numerous iron, lead, gold and tungsten mines in the Massif Central and the Armorican Massif.

Safety engineering work

  • Demolition of built structures
  • Infilling or closing off mine galleries
  • Location and treatment of mineshafts
  • Infilling sinkholes
  • Making open pits secure
  • Setting up levelling networks
  • Exploratory drilling in cavities

Surveillance of mine workings

Mine surveillance and risk prevention facilities and equipment

  • Thermographic monitoring of 2 mine dumps in Auvergne (mineral ore and tailings)
  • Laser or sonar monitoring of cavities in Lower Normandy and Burgundy
  • Mine gas release points: measurements of CH4 content in Burgundy
  • Levelling networks in Lower Normandy
  • Visible pitheads: infill surveillance in Burgundy
  • Surveillance of iron mines from below in Lower Normandy

Hydraulic safety facilities

  • Pipes for mine water outflows, Auvergne
  • Mine water outflows: monitoring and treatment in 2 lagooning facilities, Auvergne
  • Piezometers: analysis of water levels in Burgundy and Auvergne
  • Overflows from 6 mine lagoons: monitoring and maintenance of overflow stations in Burgundy

Management and conservation of technical archives

Management and conservation of intermediate technical archives in the document collections of former mine operators such as Charbonnages de France, under agreements with Archives de France.

Contributions to mining intelligence

Mining intelligence delivered on line since 2011, on concessions whose archives have been transferred to the BRGM Mine Safety and Risk Prevention Department (mainly Charbonnages de France).

This activity is to be extended to other concessions. Several hundred responses to queries each year, particularly in Burgundy.


Practical information

DPSM - Unité Territoriale Après-Mine Centre Ouest

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